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Kawartha suggests that if ever and for any reason you see something you believe is an issue, speak up. It is better to ask and be wrong than not to ask and be right!.
Why spend thousands when hundreds will do. Ask how much time you really have to spend on the site and how much are they going to do. How will they document what they've done against the success a re-designed web site already had. If the bulk of costs comes from "search engine advertising" then why are you paying someone to do that. Search Engines personnel will be happy to work with you, establish a plan and budget saving you thousands.
We don't do it all ourselves. We handle domain name management, web site design and hosting. Development we have resources for when needed. SEO on a daily, weekly or monthly basis we can provide, usually through third parties. We would be your second set of eyes and ears to make sure you get your monies worth.
The initial meeting is free. We determine from that our quote based on what you expect and what you can give us in materials and what format those will be in. We'll talk about your web site, your front door to your electronic business and how to entice people to contact you!

Pricing, Terms of Use and Conditions of Purchase!

We code in the latest HTML and CSS. All work complies with the latest SEO best practices rules. Pricing is based on complexity and what you are able to provide and what format you provide that in. For example: Text should be in digital word processor format. Graphics are preferred larger than we intend to use. Logos should be a minimum of 300 dpi and provided in a scalable format, larger than we need will suffice if that is not available to you.

We will work by hour or provide a firm quote based on criteria, spelled out and agreed to. We require 50% of the quote or estimate (hourly) in advance with the balance due on delivery

  1. All payments are 50% in advance, balance due on delivery.
  2. Applicable Taxes are Extra (13% HST)
  3. Payments may be cheque or the PayPal Credit Card Portal
  4. Pricing is based on photos, graphics and text supplied digitally.
  5. Proceeding with an order means you agree to all of the above TERMS and CONDITIONS!
  6. If required, Logo Design is extra.
  7. Check here frequently, as terms might change.

Below and to your right or below are some sample logos and websites They link to their respective web sites. As you may notice much of our work is in tourism and all private sector. We are currently in the process of joining a new search engine group, unitizing some of our sites, those may not make sense at the moment. We design for both Web and Print!

Some of our logos and graphics!

Kawartha Web Designs answers the question, size does matter, so a website needs to be responsive to fit on all screen sizes. CLICK to visit our 12 samples
Kawartha Web Designs Samples

Waterfront Vacation Homes
Waterfront Vacation Homes

Canadian exposure represent a more detailed responsive design, we have used a total of 34 graphic images and 23 unique links.
Canadian Exposure

Take a potshot at starting your own sales system, with a twist.
Pot Shot

ATQ is the site mainly used to collect infromation on vacation property listings and more.


Fright Free Children and the effects of low-level violence
Hobies Sports store in Peterborough and Hobies Design Studio and store online
Bruce Gravel, author of the popular Humour on Wry series of books

Aktivart custom wedding invation design.
Screenhouses from Del Leisure Products
The Trent Severn Waterway, Ontario, Canada.

Based on the above model a new 1 page site with .com would cost $395 plus HST in year one and $195 + HST for subseqent years.

  • Fits all sizes, phones to monitors
  • One page or multiple page design
  • All inclusive
  • Over 50% search with mobile
  • Search is based on our records
  • Internal page or site navigation
  • We comply to all standards
  • We keep spacing clean and clear
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • How Bing and Google sees ..... !
  • We use the latest HTML and CSS
  • All images are sized for the internet
  • All images have proper SEO tags
  • Economical, from $160/year
  • Domain names extra unless supplied
  • Hosting, Included
  • Updating, may be included
  • Your ideas incorporated
  • Why pay $1,000's
  • Basic Pricing & Details!
Kawartha Web Designs answers the question, size does matter, so a website needs to be responsive to fit on all screen sizes. CLICK to visit our 12 samples

Form or function?
That question has been asked since the beginning of remote interaction between peoples. We believe form should follow function! Sites are created for the customer who expects to find the product they want, the terms and conditions plus simple contact information. That's the basics! Why bog it down with heavy graphics or non-essential information.

Here is how we have created the function of this site: 1. name, 2. three ways to contact us, 3. what we do (separates us from the competition) and 4. we have made sure that regardless of screen size those are the items that appear first. Items that make navigation, contact and services readily available on all screen sizes.

With CanadianExposure.com we tried to cover a large topic with a small footprint. Keeping that in mind we created a dynamic banner system that shows a map of Canada complete with all the flags, federal and provincial, and overlaid that with the name and capitals of the provinces. On the navigation menu we used four categories; PROVINCES, Home, Page Navigation and Contact Us. PROVINES is broken down into three parts, Western Provinces, Eastern Provinces and Territories each leading to the Province's website. Caution here is that government tries to waste your time it seems and will change the URL even if the original is the official URL. Home will lead you to some homepages that are not government but may be of interest, Page Navigation takes you to some features of the site and Contact Us let's you know whom we are and how to get a hold of us. This is followed by some advertising for OntarioCottages.com and some Newspaper Links from around the world.

Finally on our kawarthagraphics.com site we chose a screen wide banner, a different manner of listing OntarioCottages.com, information about kawarthagraphics.com complete with key maps to all towns in the region and finally followed by our contact information. If you are checking us out on a hand held device you can see the contrast between This Site (KawarthaWebDesigns.com), kawarthagraphics.com or CanadianExposure.com or PotShot.net.

Please click here to enlarge the image below, it is extremely important for you. We suggest in the strongest terms you get a minimum of one responsive page quickly. OUR SITES, 12 detailed here, demonstrate that one page can clearly show all the critical information.

Mobile exceeds 50% of search traffic

Kawartha, Kawartha Graphics and Kawartha Web Designs:

A bit about Kawartha and Kawartha Graphics. The Graphics Business started in 1989. Internet began in 1992 and we have created or updated more then a thousand web sites. Here are two of our own, TheTrentSevernWaterway.com and OntarioCottages.com, designed to supply information plus vacation property listings. We have gone through a total of three name changes to more accurately identify ourselves with the products and services we represent. Many wish to claim they were the first Internet provider, web design company or hosting company in the Kawartha Region but we are here, in writing, telling you it was us. We have the name Kawartha.com. Many followers have seen the value in adding a prefix or suffix to our kawartha.com domain name. We have also added suffixes or prefixes to our Kawartha.com name as well. If that sounds arrogant it is not the intent, we are proud of being the first, we are proud of choosing proper domain names that are easy to find. Another area in which we were the first was to receive, two diplomas from full time courses from Sir Sandford Fleming College, in Peterborough, Ontario. We can count many firsts but the best first is to be first in the eyes of our clients.